Centenary Celebration of CGC - O.G.A - 2013

The O.G.A of Chundikuli Girls’ College which was inaugurated in 1913 celebrated its centenary from the 13th - 15th of July this year on a grand scale.Though the O.G.A at home and araound the globe has been involved in activities mainly by way of fundraisers from time to time to meet the physical needs of the Alma mater,it is this centenary effort of ours towards raising funds for the middle school block and the celebrations to recall our past glories evoked much enthusiasm among the Alumini.

Chundikuli Girls’ College has an unparallelled history from its inception in 1896. It should be attributed to the foresight and dedication of the principals, vice principals and the teachers down the ages. The earliest students, who later became as teachers, laid down their whole life for the steady growth of the school.

Miss Page, a past principal, was mainly instrumental in the inauguration of the Old Girls’ Association as far back as 1913, just 16 years after the school came into being. At the outset, they met only twice a year during the afternoons in February and October. It was from 1931 onwards, an annual reunion was organized. It was a full day’s programme beginning with a holy communion service at St.John the baptist’s church. This tradition is still being followed.

The secretaries and treasurers of the early period had given their time and energy unstintedly for the sustenance and growth of the association. Special mention should be made of a few for their services rendered to the growth of the association in the early years. Ms.Caroline Hunt, who was the secretary for 7 years, strove hard to collect funds for the Grace Hensman Memorial hall. After being transferred to Colombo in 1937, she served in the Colombo branch as the vice president.

Ms.Annaratnam Canagaratnam took over from Caroline Hunt and served for 5 years. A constitution for the association was drawn up by a special committee and adopted at the Annual General Meeting, during her time. Ms.Lorna Vanden Driesen who took over from Ms.Annaratnam Canagaratnam, contributed towards the steady progress of the association. The number of paying members increased. The old girls loan scholarship fund was created during her period.

Ms.Kanagam Muthiah was a great link between the alumni and present students of that time. Ms.Athisayam Arulanandam was the secretary when preparations for the golden jubilee were begun. She was responsible for organizing various committees to run the grand Fete helped by Ms.Lily Jesuthasan and Ms.Pavalam Arudpragasam. Ms,Sinnathamby and Ms.Muthucumaru were involved in taking the merry-go-round to Jaffna for the Golden jubilee celebrations. Ms.James Joseph who was vice president at that time worked round the clock in getting Colombo members do their utmost for the Jubilee fund collection and for the miscellaneous stall at the Grand Fete.

When Ms.Foss was the acting principal at Hillwood College, she gathered the old girls in and around Kandy and formed the Kandy branch in 1946. The old girls in Batticaloa too, met from time to time at parties and picnics organized by Ms.Somanader.

We are very proud of our old girls who individually or as an association have expressed their loyalty to their Alma mater by rendering physical and financial support whenever the college was in need. It is befitting that an Old Girls’ Association of this calibre, celebrated its Centenary which is a milestone with all its pomp and glory of a life time.


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